Avant-garde cinema is getting the shaft all over the country, not just here in Santa Fe. Of course the on again/off again closure of

is only one tiny part of the College of Santa's financial woes but for CSFers and Santa Fe as a whole having The Screen around just makes life here better and movie lovers are out in force to make sure the lights don't go out for good.

But we aren't the only city seeing our as-far-away-from-the-mainstream-as-possible movie junkies lament. New York City's

, an organization that has an amazing stockpile of avant-garde cinema is slated to get the


While The Screen shows flicks that a little more accessible they still manage to get things that no one else in town is going to show. But you can help make sure The Screen stays open (and that I get to see

at some point on the big screen [can I get an "I Brake for New Wave Cinema" bumper sticker? Anyone?]):

First up!

Ali McGraw, Karen and Stephen Durkovich and others are throwing a fundraiser from 5-7 pm Thursday, Feb. 19. It only costs $100--that's like 10 movies people!--and all the money goes to keep The Screen open. Call 989-1016 or 989-7255 for details and directions.


OK, we can't all rub elbows with movie stars but we sure can heckle their bad outfits together. Yay.

(that's the Film and Television Technicians of New Mexico union) hosts a 2009

Benefit Event. From 4-6 pm on Sunday, Feb. 22 you can hit up the Cowgirl for an auction, then head over to the Garson Communications Center at the College of Santa Fe at 6 for the awards. Tickets cost $25 for individuals and $40 for couples (awww...you can save The Screen together. That's love!) and proceeds benefit The Screen. Oh yeah, and they'll have movie food on hand--just like the real movies you'll have to sneak in your own flask. Email 2009academyawards@gmail.com for details.