While College of Santa Fe waits and hopes for the Legislature to approve a measure that would allow it to become part of New Mexico's state university system, the school finds itself in the position of making more staff cuts. This afternoon in a letter sent out to faculty, staff and students by CSF President Stuart Kirk the school laid off another 14 employees. This comes after the


According to Kirk's email, "Because we do not yet have an agreement with Highlands, we must proceed through the spring as if we will be shutting down after the semester's end." That means that, if the proposal doesn't go through, May 20 could be it for CSF. A skeleton schedule of summer classes, many online and most at CSF's Albuquerque campus, are listed online, most consisting of business, computer science and psychology courses, but a note that the summer session is tentative looms over the list.

While the school tries to keep itself afloat, CSF supporters are gearing up for Advocacy Day at the New Mexico Roundhouse on Tuesday, Feb. 10. From 7 am-5 pm students will display artwork and attend meetings with legislators to discuss the school's future.

When the first round of layoffs occurred, the community, current students, alumni and several faculty members came together to make a short video about the problems of the school and what the school means to them and the community of Santa Fe as a whole.