God bless Texas. And God bless the woman who won't give up her style for comfort. But the woman who mixes and matches both: God help her.

Now admittedly, especially for a woman who has a subscription to


, I'm not the most fashionable lady out there. Getting dressed up is fun but it's time consuming (not to mention not terribly bike friendly) and it's just easier to throw on a pair of sneakers and a sweater. So I do appreciate it when women--and men!--take the time to really think about their appearance.

I also appreciate it when someone--my dearest great aunt being one of them--refuses to give up her favorite fashion no matter how out of style it might be. But there are some things that just should not be done. The

is one of those things. Aside from the obvious aesthetic issues I have with this footwear let me question the practicality of this look:

1. I get that you can tuck your jeans into these babies and they won't fall down but how does this work with a skirt? Seems like the leather legwarmer-esque upper would slide around on your legs while you walked and would either slip down under your heel or cause some nasty blistering.

2. Speaking of blistering, isn't the point of flip-flops (a style I'm not so on board with to begin with) that it's too damn hot for leather, or even canvas, shoes in the first place. So stuffing your ankles into these guys is sure to make them sweat. Sweaty ankles might not smell as bad as sweaty feet but it sounds super unpleasant.

3. Socks. You wear socks with boots to alleviate many of the issues noted above. Without them I just can't think of how this would be comfortable.

4. Have we learned nothing from the Eski-ho look of Uggs and a short skirt? If it's warm outside, dress accordingly, if it's not, bundle up.

5. The boot and the flip-flop aren't attached, so conceivably you could wear any shoe with this upper. Tennies, spiked heels? Where will this end?

Finally, an article from the

proves that I am indeed not the target demographic for this footwear. The inventor Diane Fritsch came up with the idea at the Ft. Worth stock show and that seems like a reasonable demographic (before you get all uppity on me here I've been to many a stock show in Colorado with my rodeo-loving, cattle raising grandpa and, yes, I have fun in spite of myself each and every time). My only issue here is that when Fritsch sported this look for the first time she asked her hubby his opinion, while he was watching football. Diane, sweetie, don't you know that's the last time to bank on your man's fashion advice!?!?!?!?

Next summer lets just hope that these boots stay 600 miles away from Santa Fe.