" has just come up for grabs in Australia. The Islands of the Great Barrier Reef need a caretaker and you too can turn those budget woes into gold. The catch, for the AUD$150,000 salary (a little over $100K US) you've got to live in paradise, maintain a blog about the experience and feed the fish.

Sounds pretty sweet. And the site even has a social networking-esque section where applicants can check out the competition and rate their online applications.

With all the photos and You Tube videos I've got to be a little skeptical. This is a trap right? Some

-like reality show where you think you're going to live on a tropical island but really you're stuck with some looney named after a dead philosopher, polar bears and a boat load of ammunition.

Speaking of


, I'm starting to wonder how I missed this for the last five years. I watched the first season, though not religiously, and a bit of the second. Then my TV broke and I never followed through. Heard something about polar bears. Maybe it's because the season premier is coming up in the next few weeks, but in the last two days this show has come up with three totally separate people. People who I don't think even know each other. I guess I've got to find out about all the hype now.

By the way, you've got 38 days to put your island app together. Better get to it or Chuck from Minnesota is going to be living in paradise while you're stuck on the bus looking more homeless than