is an organization that hosts pub quizzes in New Mexico, Texas and Colorado. Here in Santa Fe, they host an event every Wednesday, at 8 pm, at the Catamount. When Geeks rolled out its Santa Fe night, John Dicker (who is the organizer, and who I know for a variety of other reasons), told me they'd be having celebrity quiz masters to give the quiz a local flavor.

This week, Geeks Who Drink introduces its first celebrity quiz master. Reader, I am that Geek.

I am wicked ready to stump you, so come on out. I am only hosting one round and John tells me my questions seem hard. That's really all I know, but below is the ad for the event. See you there?


pub quiz at...


125 E. Water Street, Santa Fe


very own Editor:

Julia Goldberg


Celebrity Guest Quizmaster!

Does it cost anything to play?

Nope, it's free.

Do you need to sign up beforehand?

No, that's silly.

Uh...what exactly is it?

The pub quiz (kinda like trivia night, but better, smarter and wildly superior in every possible way) consists of eight rounds of eight questions and is played in teams of up to six people. Questions are read aloud by the quizmaster; teams write their answers on provided answer sheets and turn them in at the end of each round.

Geeks Who Drink quizzes are unique in that they include two rounds of music questions - like name that tune, but with an edge. Examples: Country Music that Doesn't Suck, Pop Songs Butchered by David Hasslehoff...

What do you win?

Bar cash and prizes ranging from


. And of course, the winning team gets their photo on the blog at

Wednesdays @ 8pm

pub quiz at...


125 E. Water Street, Santa Fe