On Friday the 9th I had the pleasure of checking out

's show at Arte Bella, a gallery at the corner of Don Gaspar and West Alameda.

I went to an opening of Jo's when she had a gallery in Cerrillos (Jujumojo, which is now defunct). It was a hot summer day when I made the turn off Hwy. 14 to check out Jujumojo, and while I intended to check out the art and then bounce, I ended up staying for hours and chatting with Jo and her husband Justin. They are two of the kindest, most personable, most socially competent (!) people I've ever met – especially in Santa Fe. Anyone who ever has the opportunity to hang out with them should definitely take it.

The opening on Friday of course featured Jo's paintings, which are cool enough on their own. But Jo and Justin also performed as Silvermouse, their electronica-classical-ambient-psychadelic band. They play gigs around Santa Fe and at the Mine Shaft in Madrid, so anyone who likes to dance should make a trip and check them out. (By the way, Jo's using this crazy digital soundboard - here she is on the right, showing peeps how it's done.)

And congrats to the couple, who are due to have an assuredly artistic, attractive and amiable baby in April! (That could have been considerably more annoyingly assonistic had I replaced "baby" with "avatar.")