If you happened to be listening to

this morning, as you should every morning, at around 9:30 you heard the song "Lover's Day" from

's latest

Dear Science

. Man, oh man, I'm in love with song. Well, the whole album really, but this song in particular is one of the sexiest and most romantic things I've ever heard.

It starts out with a few tamborine shakes and a little rhythm as the singer sweetly comes in with the lines "Oh but the longing is terrible/A wonton heart under attack./I wanna love you/All the way off/I wanna break your back./Colour of all that's hysterical/Travels along your bones./Just to be near you sucking your skin/Not gonna leave you alone." It sounds a little obsessive but what the band has captured is that feeling that comes when you don't even want to talk to someone anymore because your lust has taken over.

But unlike so many songs about sex it's not a selfish song. It's about bringing the lover to the same kind of ecstacy that the speaker feels simply in the object of desire's presence.

About 30 seconds in a female voice comes in to complement the male, singing slightly off harmony, which adds to the sex appeal as now two voices embody the fervor. As the song progresses more instruments come into play and the song builds to an orgasmic crescendo midway. The remainder of the song finds the male lover singing "Yes here of course there are miracles./Under your sighs and moans./I'm gonna take you/I'm gonna take you home," the final line being echoed by the female voice before the words disappear together and a joyful chorus of horns, strings and drums winds their way through the remainder of the song as the lovers revel in their togetherness.

If you haven't checked this album out, as I didn't because I was afraid it was too hyped, do. It's beautiful, and "Lover's Day" is the kind of song that is so good that it makes the ending of the album bittersweet, until you remember that you can easily just start over.