Only a day or two after we put our holiday gift guide into production, I received a phone call from the

. They told me about the Justice Bar and proceeded to get me all mouth-watery and candy-craving. But since it was too late to slip it into the gift guide, I knew I had to get the word out some other way. I love blogs.

The Justice Bar is the NMELC's fundraiser this winter. Made entirely of fair-trade, organic chocolate from Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates, these chocolate bars make the best of what's around. Even the fillings are as local as can be – the Dark Chocolate Chile bars are spiced with red chile powder from Chimayo and pistachios from Eagle Ranch Farms in Southern New Mexico. If that wasn't enough, NMELC just released its Milk Chocolate Pecan bar, which contains organic nuts from Mesilla.

The bars are $6 per 3 oz. bar, and are produced through with Señor Murphy Candymaker (locations in the La Fonda hotel at 100 E. San Francisco St., 982-0461, and the Santa Fe Place mall  at 4250 Cerrillos Road, 471-8899). The bars are also available through the NMELC (1405 Luisa St., Ste. 5, 989-9022 or

It should also be made known that, when SFR staffers got their hands on some of these bars, they were devoured within minutes. Even I (and I can't handle anything even remotely spicy - even pepper on my eggs is a bit intense), absolutely loved the red chile chocolate. Mmmmm.