It’s snowing.
We can tell because we are trained observers…and because no government employees are answering their phones.

And another storm is on the way.
Déjà blizzard.

Lt. Gov. Diane Denish names Val Kilmer to her transition advisory team.
He’ll be providing some role-playing exercises and a little method acting to help her get into her new part.

University of New Mexico President David Schmidly says his $587,000 salary isn’t too high.
And his gold shoes are very tasteful.

New Mexico receives a failing grade on college affordability in national study.
But if you can manage to eek out a degree, someday you too could be an overpaid administrator.

City cancels Christmas ice sculptures to save money.
And expect Santa Claus to ride the bus to your house this year.

Sanbusco Market Center will now charge for parking.
Charging people to shop…there’s a recession strategy.