Not surprisingly, it's hard to think of good censorship chants. This is the best I could do:

Hey hey

Ho ho

First Amendment's got to go!

Is this the new campus activism


After writing about the

at Lewis & Clark College, my friend Beth

that a Facebook group had been set up to tell the world all about the "

piece of shit journalist

" who was clearly guilty of...reporting. Terrible, terrible.

Now, in response to last week's

on the College of Santa Fe, Facebook brings us "


Seventy-eight members and counting:

"if many of us had our way, the so-called journalist who wrote the main article, Corey Pein, would be fired and never published in any way, shape, or form, ever again."

That one's going on the insult wall for sure.

One question, Facebook:

Why is "Santa Fe for Obama" a related group?