As a general rule, I don't pay all that much mind to politicians' holiday cards.

Of course, as a general rule, I don't actually receive that many holiday cards from politicians, and I'm OK with that.

I have, however, become obsessed with the holiday greeting card I received in the mail from New Mexico's newly-elected US Senator, Tom Udall. Here's why:

Who are these happy people anyway?

#1. Note the absence of anything remotely related to the holidays. Granted, I don't really want my church/state seperated elected officials forcing me to look at religious iconography, but there's not anything to indicate it's even winter (except, I suppose, for the sweaters).

#2. Furthermore, there's not even anything to analyze. Not a picture in the background. There's not even a freaking ristra hanging on the wall. Just a plain adobe wall.

#3. Although the people in the photo are identified, sort of, on the inside of the card as "my family," that's pretty much all you get, prompting almost everyone who sees the card  to ask, among other questions "Who are those people?" (The card is displayed prominently in my office and prompts a rather interesting variety of reactions; frankly, the thing is like a Rorschach test).

For the record, that's Udall's wife, Jill Cooper, their daughter Amanda Cooper (who managed Gov. Richardson's gubernatorial campaign) and Jim Noel, Amanda's husband, who almost became the Bureau of Elections director for the state, but instead stayed with the Judicial Standards Commission thingie after people complained about his connection to Udall. Neither Amanda nor Jim are particularly recognizable. Maybe they like it that way.

Now, it's fine with me that there aren't any little cute kids or adorable puppies or candy canes. In a weird way, I admire the entire lack of content of this particular holiday greeting. But, I can't help but think it might benefit from a little, just a tiny bit, of wackiness. Such as:

Nothing enlivens a boring holiday card like an insane journalist.