A lot of us are probably looking around Santa Fe right now thinking, “Damn, I’m just one person—how can I possibly know all of the things going down?” I get it, so here’s a big old massive edition of First Tracks, wherein I shall relate to you some pretty cool information about local upcoming stuffs.

The new Second Street Brewery location (2920 Rufina St.) just picked up a $100,000 Local Economic Development Act grant from the city to sweeten their already-pretty-sweet new space. This means they'll have to create five new production jobs in the next few years, but also that our local beer situation is safe. We visited the space in April and it was cooler than we ever thought possible—plus, since we apparently can't go very long without mentioning her, Eliza Lutz of Matron Records is heading up their promotional efforts and aims to keep things a little more cutting-edge.

It appears Skylight (139 W San Franscisco St., 982-0775) may just be on the mend, but before we bust out the Champagne, let's all agree to be cautiously optimistic. Owner Joe Ray Sandoval came by to say (this may be a tad paraphrased), "Hey, Alex—you're a cool guy and I like you a lot!" at the Wavves show on May 30 and let us know to expect the club to continue special events for the foreseeable future. By the way, if you missed Wavves, you do music wrong. Even my dumb friend Jasper who loves blink-182 bought their new album You're Welcome and was like, "Dude, it's totally good!" And then I was all like, "Tell me something I don't know, jabroni."

I've mentioned this, but it bears repeating: Don't miss Los Angeles' El Ten Eleven in the Railyard (Market and Alcaldesa Streets) on Saturday June 10 at 7 pm. It's free, it's part of the Currents New Media Festival (which means a crazy visual component) and, as far as experimental rock duos go, these guys are about the best around. Fairly warned be ye, says I. Future Scars opens.

Speaking of Skylight, word on the street is that legendary emcee and Blackalicious member Gift of Gab will rock the mic on Wednesday June 21 (9 pm. $10). That's pretty big, and local support comes from none other than the Outstanding Citizens Collective, a group of local champs like Wolfman Jack and Benzo dedicated to hip-hop like you wouldn't believe.

And while I'm on the topic of things I might have mentioned before but are so totally worth it that I just don't want you to forget, Ukrainian folk quartet Dakhabrakha performs alongside freak Americana act Cloacas in the Railyard on June 24 at 7 pm for zero dollars. Word.

The New Mexico Museum of Art (107 W Palace Ave., 476-5072) is hosting Friday night music events for the summer, and I find this to be equal parts charming and probably relaxing. If you haven't been to NMMA, that's weird, and if you have, you know it's way nice all up in there. It's a rotating list of guest performers, so you'll just have to pop on by and figure out who is playing on any given Friday at 5 pm.

Mark your calendars for Friday September 15, as synthpop act Future Islands is coming to Meow Wolf (1352 Rufina Circle, 395-6369) all the way from Baltimore (that's where John Waters is from, so…). My dumb friend Jasper is also excited about this show, so take that however you will.

Also (partly) from the folks at Meow Wolf is beloved indie-folk-esque act Fleet Foxes and indie-rock duo Beach House joining forces for a big fat night of partying at the beautiful Santa Fe Opera (7:30 pm Monday Sept. 25. 301 Opera Drive, 986-5900).

Now, you might be wondering why we're telling you so early, but it has a lot to do with how this thing is bound to play out. Yes, SFO is gigantic and beautiful and has, like, so many seats, but one must also remember that Fleet Foxes were a pretty big effing deal even before that Father John Misty guy broke out on his own and started blowing minds. Thus far, we've found some crazy-expensive prices online, but the $34-$60 tix (which include the service charge and which we stumbled upon via meowwolf.com) are the most affordable, and a portion of proceeds go to the Pro-Choice Safety Network Fund. Will this show sell out? Totally. So get on it.

Oh, and it's not news, but pop on YouTube and look up the First Aid Kit cover of Fleet Foxes' "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song." You're welcome.