hese days, the term “indie darlings” seems to be thrown around an awful lot. In most cases, this seems to be a descriptor for any hard-to-peg act that culls its sound from multiple sources for a mish-mash of odd sounds.

Also in most cases, these bands are fairly boring.

Then again, there are times when a band can be referred to as indie darlings thanks to their ability to operate outside of the mainstream and produce music that is actually pretty damn great. Take San Diego's The Burning of Rome.

They've been slowly creeping into music fans' consciousness internationally for some time now with their skillful take on music that reaches to all places within the rock spectrum with ease. Songs like "Little Piranhas" show the band's more rockin' side while still holding on to a certain ethereal beauty that's even more prevalent on songs like "Ballad of an Onion Sprout."

This is music for and by people who have a whole lot of feelings, and it doesn't matter what rock niche you've chosen for yourself—you're gonna dig this band.

The Burning of Rome
9 pm Thursday, Aug. 21. $5
The Underground @Evangelo's
200 W San Francisco St.