Do you guys know what’s kind of fun? Learning about what music your favorite musicians like. Sure, it’s cool to get the inside scoop on what these people are like themselves, but what about the locals who become the object of admiration from other locals? It’s kind of like that thing SFR does where we talk about where chefs like to eat, but with music. Think of this piece as a means by which to create some sense of community, and for some unsung locals to get in on the spotlight. So read on, music fans, to discover who our beloved locals are crushin’ on…y’know, musically.

Anthony Leon: Joe West

"I've really come to admire Joe West, a great writer and a great entertainer. He has purpose and intent in his writing, but yet is constantly reinventing himself. I love Joe's brain and am completely inspired by him, his creativity and his ambition."

Eryn Bent: Dierks Bentley

"He's a singer-songwriter, signed with Capital Records Nashville. He tours, records and performs with a band...his music turned me on to country music. He may not write all of the songs he sings, but he sings and owns them. I'm also a sucker for his curls, 5 o'clock shadow and deep baritone."

Heather Tanner: Dr. Marcos Cavalcante

"I fondly refer to one of my music heroes as 'The Doctor.' With flawless technique and an effortless way with melody, Dr. Marcos Cavalcante's music will actually get me to turn off Netflix and put on my shoes. When he's not teaching music he can be found playing incredible solo Brazilian guitar music every Friday and Saturday at Omira. You know Omira, it's that meat-on-a-sword restaurant you've been meaning to go to."

Amy Lindquist: Matthew Andrae

"It became clear after I had time to ponder who the obvious choice was—I've had a hardcore musical crush on Matthew Andrae since we were in high school together in Los Alamos in the mid-80s. He is a complete musical experience as a solo act, has had amazing collaborators and band members throughout the years, but his songs get their most direct expression when it's just Matthew."

Sean Healen: Nacha Mendez

"I dig Nacha Mendez and her music. She is true to her art and she knows the value of branding and [developing] her look. The most important thing is that she is damn good at what she does!"

Mikey Baker: Tommy Archuleta

"Back when I owned Corazón, everybody was telling me I needed to get These Charming Cobras, so I tracked Tommy down to play between Love Gun and Moby Dick. He was like, 'We aren't really jamming these days, but I have this other project called Disasterman.' Great tunes, great players, ballsy as hell. He's the real deal, y'know? He writes great stuff, doesn't follow trends and shreds drums like a madman, but his chops always serve the tunes. Tommy is just a humble, sweet, cheerful, true believin' mofo."

Alex De Vore: Luke Carr
"I may have mentioned this before, but when Carr's Pigrow came out, I kind of blew him off a little. Not because I didn't think he was capable, but because he was so adamant about me checking it out that I think I subconsciously decided it must've sucked. I was so fucking wrong it's insane. When I finally got around to listening to the John Dieterich (Deerhoof) produced record, I called Luke that day. I cannot wait to find out how the first Storming the Beaches with Logos in Hand record winds up, and I'm dead serious when I say that we are lucky to have this man making music in our city."