Shows that take place at our local Veterans of Foreign Wars hall are often some of the coolest around but, unfortunately, are not always well attended.

Look, I get it—it's not always easy to stray from the beaten path. However, since this is one of the few venues that actually welcomes youth with open arms, you'll be wise to heed the following advice and check out an upcoming show featuring former Santa Feans Elected Officials, still-local Disasterman and Albuquerque's Bake, on Oct. 25.

Though each act brings its own can't-miss energy, the biggest draw will surely be Elected Officials, especially since it's their first show anywhere in 18 months. Sure, EO members Brian Shannon and Shane Pennington have remained in Santa Fe, but the band has been on a hiatus of sorts since husband and wife/bandmates Jay Minton and Sophie Rousmaniere moved to Texas a couple years back to up their efforts as documentary filmmakers as well as embrace parenthood roles. Lucky for us, they're returning for a one-of-a-kind punk rock explosion. Should you be there? Yes. Why? Read on:

They Make Movies, Too!
According to Elected Officials singer/guitarist Jay Minton, the Santa Fe return of Elected Officials is all about a documentary made by himself and his wife/bandmate Sophie Rousmaniere. Yellow Fever: Uncovering the Navajo Uranium Legacy played as part of the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and relates the story of activist Tina Garnanez and the impact of uranium mining on Navajo land. Nothing says "punk" like socially conscious filmmakers who also play fast, angry music. "It was punk rock that inspired the move to make documentary films decades ago," says Minton. "The subjects we work on definitely influence each other in various ways [and] the more information we have, the better songs we can write."

They Pay Attention!
When asked if the recent government shutdown might play a role in future Elected Officials songs, Minton muses, "Maybe it's time to get some real elected officials in charge." Drummer Shane Pennington chimes in as well, stating that, "The fact that we can even have a government shutdown is my biggest problem…it's fully retarded." EO humorously envisions a giant mosh pit on the White House lawn as an influential force. If that isn't the punkest fantasy around, then what the hell is!?*

*Note: We are aware there are "punker" things. No letters!

New Stuff!

Elected Officials will have 2011’s Beyond Corrupt available to buy at the show and will also be debuting never-before-heard material including, but not limited to, a new song about the Occupy movement. “It’s an effort that we feel should not be forgotten and should inspire future movements,” Minton tells SFR. OK, so maybe there isn’t a new record yet but, according to Minton, “We do have a new sticker.” Sold!

All Good Children Go to Heaven…and Punk Shows!
ABQ's Bake are reportedly big fans of early Bad Religion, which can only mean that fast-paced, garrulous punk rock is to be expected, and that those of us who never got over No Control or Against the Grain will be glad we're alive. Presumably, they're also original, but there are a lot worse things to hear in a band description. As a side note, it sure doesn't hurt to build bridges with Albuquerque bands, and it's exciting to know a band we've never heard perform.

Ummm, have y'all ever heard this band? I've made no secret of my deep admiration for musician/poet Tommy Archuleta, but of all his musical projects, this might be the one to beat. Archuleta hasn't been playing that often lately (RIP These Charming Cobras), and Disasterman's funky, punky sensibility is the perfect companion band for such a high-energy lineup. Think stripped-down Snapcase or roots of hardcore here, and you'd be on the right path. Lyrical imagery and discordant guitar riffs that sit on the fence between punk and pop come together for serious head-bobbing jams that hit hard and stick with you harder.

Seriously. Just do it, already. Jeeze.

Elected Officials w/ Disasterman and Bake
9 pm Friday, Oct. 25. $5
VFW, 307 Montezuma Ave.,