If y'all don't know Team Everything (and really, how would that even be possible?) you should probably be aware that the collective of musicians and artists are hard at work bringing local and national DJs together for all kinds of killer upcoming shows in our fair city. This is good news indeed, as TE has been taking things rather slow lately.

"After the closing of Corazón and some personal stuff, I just felt so tired and knew I needed to slow down a little bit. Really, we all needed to take some time off," Team Everything co-founder Paul Feathericci tells SFR. "It's been nice to take it easy for the first part of 2012, but we started getting kind of antsy and, rather than focus only on the smaller weekly things, we decided to get to work on some bigger, truly exciting shows."

The first step was the now monthly Freaky Friday dance party at Rouge Cat. Best-known for its DJ-centric basement dance floor, the downtown club usually has some pretty stellar talent to offer but—as with most things the collective has a hand in—the dance action has been amped up exponentially with appearances from the likes of Dirt Girl, Bacon, Feathericci himself and more. To sweeten the deal further, Everything will present Berlin-via-San Francisco DJ Qzen on Aug. 31 as well as Nicky Click and the Scream Club DJ Team (those are two separate acts, by the way) on Sept. 5.

In addition to the almost outrageous awesomeness that is Freaky Friday, they've joined forces with the Center for Contemporary Arts for a series of shows at the Muñoz Waxman Gallery centered around a new installation called Be It from Colorado artist Matt Barton. The exhibit of found and made objects and reflective surfaces constantly evolves and shifts as sunlight moves and changes throughout the day. In other words, it's a pretty bitchin' space for TE's experimental/electronic music series, which is appropriately called Be It, Hear It.  

"The CCA's new creative director, Erin Elder, knew she wanted to have happenings of some kind to go along with the installation, [and she] was instrumental in making this series happen," Feathericci says.

As we speak, Be It, Hear It is already underway and has, thus far, featured some of the more interesting shows to come through town in recent memory.

"These are definitely intimate events," Feathericci says. "And they've been working quite well."

The series continues this week with plenty of reasons to get pumped. First up is a night of electronic pop with Denver-based DJ David Last and local Brian Mayhall. "This will be music that's every bit as reliant on vocals and soul and pop as it is techno," Feathericci says excitedly. "It won't just be banging music…it's not pop like Lady Gaga, it's more like Four Tet or Boards of Canada, stuff you can listen to in the car."

Feathericci's own band, D Numbers, closes the series on Sept. 7.

Team Everything will also play a hand in the 2012 Santa Fe Reporter Arts Festival alongside SFUAD's contemporary music program.

According to Feathericci, the collective's upcoming show—featuring pianist Nils Frahm at the O'Shaughnessy Performance Space—will be the collective's first foray into classical music. "Nils certainly incorporates electronic elements, but it's not what I would call experimental," Feathericci says. "It's almost as if there is an orchestra coming from beneath his fingertips, and it's unlike anything we've ever booked before."

Composer Jeremy Bleich (of local duo GoGo Snap Radio) opens the event with the premier of his newest piece written specifically for violin, viola, accordion and melody horn.

"We really love being able to diversify and bring so many different kinds of acts to Santa Fe," Feathericci adds. "You might say that Team Everything is finding a new level of spirituality in music and art events."