As social media continually grows into the greatest mover-shaker in the world of culture, more venues are trying to attract tech-savvy folks who want to talk about their experiences in real time. And according to a recent article in American Way (that's the magazine found on American Airline flights), opera is no different.

Apparently, there are a number of opera venues across the country that have gone so far as to set aside free seats for fans willing to live-tweet during performances. The idea is that a personal recommendation found on Twitter helps make art forms such as opera or ballet more accessible to those who would automatically equate it with a night of boredom.

This concept spawned a journey to the Santa Fe Opera alongside SFR’s Alexa Schirtzinger and Enrique Limón for the opening night of Puccini’s Tosca, and oh how we tweeted! The whole show mesmerizes from the stellar leading players to the outrageously beautiful venue, and below you’ll find some of the best from my night of pissing off the poor dude next to me with my non-stop tweetin’.

7:33 pm: Know what I know about #Tosca? It's the only opera tied to a specific time period. Please god let that information be right.

7:42 pm: #SantaFeOpera tailgate is kind of cool…tables and china and well-dressed older men with well-dressed younger women.

7:56 pm: Cheetah-print limo meets tennis ball shoes meets miniature hats at the #SantaFeOpera

8:00 pm: Apparently beautiful women hang around the #SantaFeOpera.

8:12 pm: @EnriqueLimon "No pictures of the stage, it's copyright."

8:14 pm: @aschirtz "this is like a classy thunderdome! Where's Tina?" @EnriqueLimon at the #opera

8:16 pm: Wonder how long before I receive "Alex De Vore knows nothing of opera!" letters.

8:25 pm: Hope you aren't poor if you like the #opera. (side-note, our seats would have cost $245 apiece had we not been press)

8:38 pm: A gorgeous start. Music is wonderful, vocals fantastic…This friar looks pissed, though.

8:44 pm: Jesus. Did I just have an honest-to-goodness emotional reaction to music!? Am I going to die?!?

8:50 pm: The story thus far-some chapel-painting fool is gonna help his prison-breakin' homie when his lady shows up to give him the third degree…

8:57 pm: RT @aschirtz: No cupholders.

9:04 pm: @aschirtz I hate that Scarpia guy soooooo much…thinks he's so big!


9:14 pm: Archduke Asshole is sowing the seeds of bullshit. #bestopermomentdescriptionever. How's Tosca s'posed to know he's sneaky?

9:18 pm: In Italy, nutcrackers are in charge of locking churches.

9:22 pm: Amazing amazing amazing.

9:27 pm: Intermission thoughts: beautiful set, mind-blowing singers, fantastic venue, don't piss off #Tosca.

10:17 pm: They're at that part when Archduke Asshole is like, "not boning me is like signing yer boyfriend's death warrant!" (continued)

10:19 pm: …and #tosca is like, "this blows! I thought I was down with god enough to not live this way!"

10:20 pm: The woman playing #Tosca is fucking incredible.

10:27 pm: Damn! That fool got knifed! "Are you choking on your blood?" asks #tosca. I'll admit that villain is one hell of an opera singer, though.

10:37 pm: Cool domes!!!!

10:38 pm: Don't listen to him, Cavaradossi! He's just a nutcracker!!!

10:47 pm: If this woman could sing in every single scene, I'd be down. She makes #opera kind of bitchin'.

10:51 pm: Ok ok ok Cavaradossi is killin' it too.

10:52 pm: …"and all beautiful things will have voice and color through you." Damn, son, you know how to talk to chicks!

10:56 pm: These singers (Tosca/Cavaradossi) are harmonizing at such a vocally complex moment…Absolutely incredible.

10:59 pm: SPOILER ALERT—those were real bullets.

11:02 pm: Final thoughts: even if you think you hate opera, give it a chance…Especially at #SantaFeOpera. #Tosca was pretty fucking fantastic. (con't)

11:04 pm: The main cast was so unbelievably good I've got chills. Stigmas aside, a truly enjoyable performance and evening. Do I love opera now? Maybe so.