Ben Wright and Paul Feathericci, the boys from everybody's favorite local electronic/rock/experimental trio D Numbers, are back in town. They recently returned from ViceVerse, a five-week, ten-country tour through Europe. (Bandmate Brian Mayhall remains overseas for the Sonar Music Festival in Spain and is a bastard.) I checked in to see how it all went.

"The whole thing was just so much to digest," Wright tells SFR. "But I don't think we've ever sounded better than that as a band."

While Wright and Feathericci maintain that D Numbers made fans at every performance, both consider the band's performance in Serbia to be its most successful.

"I'd say the pinnacle of the tour was the Misker Festival in Belgrade," Feathericci tells SFR. "It's basically a gathering of Balkan designers with two stages set up for all kinds of music acts. We'd been playing for an average of 50 people a night but, at this show, we had an excellent Sunday time slot and wound up playing for around 500 people."

The audience's demeanor was different, too.

"When we were younger as a band, we always wanted people to dance and go crazy, but there is a lot to be said for a listening audience," Wright says. "At that show, the crowd seemed so focused…it was almost silent between songs."
Both Wright and Feathericci were moved by Serbia's past hardships.

"After years of communism and war and whatever else, these people are managing to reinvent themselves, and it's almost like they're experiencing certain cultural aspects for the first time," Wright says. "There is this sense of urgency to the art and music that we don't really have in the states, and we were able to build off of that for some great performances."

Touring in Belgrade was largely about perspective, Feathericci says.

"To see some of these buildings still pock-marked by bombs and grenades was intense," he says. "It kind of makes you realize that no matter what your problems are, they're nothing compared to this."

Feathericci should know: On June 3, he and fiance Cara Levick lost their home and beloved dogs to fire [, June 8: "Giving Back the Music"]. The next day, fine people like Corazón owner Mikey Baker and Pasatiempo music writer Rob DeWalt were already hard at work forming a benefit concert at Corazón. In the face of tragedy, Santa Fe came together to support two of its favorite citizens with DJ sets from Dirt Girl, Maynard Del Mar and more, plus a raffle and silent auction.

"Losing the dogs was the hard part because, really, the stuff is just stuff," Feathericci says. "The amazing energy and support we've received has been incredible and, while it's been humbling to accept the generous support offered by everyone, we are so eternally grateful and thankful to have so many great friends. I guess if tragedy has to strike upon you, Santa Fe is a good place to call home."

Though D Numbers has been home a mere week, the boys are already focused on what's next: seeking representation.
"It would be so nice for D Numbers to focus on the music and let someone else handle the business end of things," Wright says.

Certainly some well-placed marketing and a dedicated booking agent wouldn't hurt. Since its formation in 2002, the band has continually evolved and is on the cusp of greatness. D Numbers just needs a final push into the world-at-large's consciousness.

Rest assured, you will see D Numbers become insanely famous. And really, is there another band more deserving?


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