I feel like one of those gossip writers—gross and awesome at the same time. I asked around town for the inside scoop on new bands, new clubs and new plans, and boy I got an awesome earful.

The Calle Nopal space Frogville Records calls home has undergone significant renovations. Approximately twice the size of its previous layout, the new studio boasts sky-high ceilings, new isolation rooms for tracking vocals and a gigantic central room designed for the best possible drum sounds.

Be on the lookout for new releases from the studio, including a rumored sophomore album from Stephanie Hatfield & Hot Mess.

"Frogville has always put vibe first," Frogville engineer, producer and Hot Mess guitarist Bill Palmer tells SFR. "And now you can fit a whole lotta vibe into that place."

Speaking of new spaces, a new club, Rouge Cat, will open its doors at 101 W. Marcy St. in the coming weeks, thanks to the efforts of a mysterious owner going by the pseudonym Eliza Prada and local mainstay DJ Oona.

"It's a two-story club," Oona tells SFR. "The upstairs will be a neighborhood bar kind of thing, with a great wine list and full bar. And the downstairs is the dance floor."

Best known as the name behind legendary event Trash Disco, Oona is a wise choice to helm music duties and promises to deliver outstanding DJ action.

"We want to draw from the considerable and tremendous talent in Santa Fe's DJ scene," Oona continues. "Trash Disco will return, as well as any number of music events."

Across town, an old space has some new faces. Under the new ownership of Brian Lock, Bill Woolsten and Dave Loudy, Santa Fe Brewing Company has made some slight changes.

According to Lock, "Table service is now available, and we improved the food, but things will ultimately be the way people know and love them."

Taking over the bulk of music events is Fan Man himself, Jamie Lenfestey.

"We're committed to making things even better and more diverse than they have been," Lenfestey says.

Among the countless shows coming up, I've heard that The Meat Puppets are playing SFBC this May. Seems like the new owners know how to leave a good thing alone, and it's a wise move. One favor though, Lenfestey: Let's get Dan Hicks back here.

As for music itself, some new acts are making a splash. As In We is one of Santa Fe's newest bands, and its members are breaking down genre walls left and right. No strangers to the local scene, drummer Ben Durfee, guitarist Haven Willis and bassist Gunnar Lyon have played in various projects through the years, including CassoVita, Sex Boys and Bloodweaver.

Taking its cues from bands like Explosions in the Sky and Baroness, As In We writes crushing and ambient soundscapes that transition from quiet and beautiful melodies to brutal and mathy riffage. All songs are instrumental.

"It's a means to showcase the band as a whole," Durfee says. "We don't want some jackass singer that gets all the attention. The band's name is a way of saying it's all for one."

Word on the street is that Corazón owner and guitarist Mikey Baker, guitarist Andy Primm, bassist Peter Williams and drummer David Waldrop have formed a metal band. Called Deus Crepitus, the band plans to debut at Corazón's first anniversary festivities in late March. The birthday includes three days of live music, special events from DJ Feathericci as well as a whole gaggle of touring acts.

As for the promise of a metal band that features the dudes of KISS cover band Love Gun? Faces will be melted. I think I speak for everyone at SFR when I say congratulations to everyone at Corazón for a great year. We need you. I need you. Never leave us.

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