If you're a loyal reader, which you damn well should be at this point, then you may recall the story of my bitchy friend telling me that I need to devote column space to upcoming events, not just reviews. I took this advice to heart, and have decided from time to time to let everyone know about shows I think are worthy of our attention. My current recommendation is the Flamingo Pink show coming up at Back Road Pizza.

It took several attempts to track down Megan Burns, the solo acoustic singer-songwriter behind the moniker, but I finally found her, and sat down to discuss her style and the cool things besides the excellent music she's bringing to the table.

Burns is much more than your average paint-by-numbers indie songwriter. She describes her catalogue as "love-song lullabies," and you'd be hard-pressed to think of a better description.

SFR: Your recordings are very lo-fi. Is that what you're going for?
MB: I record everything on my laptop in my bedroom, and there are a lot of tracks where you can hear cars driving by or crickets chirping or my roommates doing something, and I think it adds a lot to the sound. I'm not sure the listener could really hear them unless they were really paying attention, but I like that every so often I'll have a cricket track.

Do you have plans for an official release?
I'm working on something right now on my laptop. I find that recording on the computer is perfect for what I do. I record multiple tracks. I grew up playing violin and viola, and I've been using the violin as a bass track, kind of. I haven't taken a lesson in a very long time though, so I have to keep it simple.

I almost feel like it would be a shame for you to record professionally.
I wish I knew someone who did that…recording, I mean. I don't know that I will ever do something professional. I enjoy having control over my recording process. I don't think I would be cool with someone standing over me and tweaking the songs or suggesting changes.

You were one of the founders of Meow Wolf, right?
When I moved back to Santa Fe after some traveling, I wasn't sure I wanted to stay. I eventually decided that what I wanted was a good job, low rent, a place to play my music and good friends. I had all of those things except a place for music. My roommates and I started doing shows in my basement and called the place Meg's House. Those went really well, but we wanted more space so we could have art shows as well. One day, a building became available, so we rented it out [and founded Meow Wolf]. Eventually we had to stop having music because it was in a residential neighborhood, so we moved to a new and better place, and we've been doing art installations and shows ever since.

Flamingo Pink
8 pm Saturday,June 20
No cover

Back Road Pizza
1807 Second St.