By Alex De Vore

Ever been over to Meow Wolf? Well you should start soon. This artist collective/venue is rockin' and rollin' like you wouldn't believe! This week, the space hosts a whole slew of ambient and electronic bands from Albuquerque—Father of the Flood, Luperci, His Holiness, Nose Whistler and Nick Angelo—that all have a few things in common. Chief among them: incredibly eclectic sounds, from ominous and dark to spacey and progressive, and all points in between. These are definitely bands that don't adhere to what you might think of when you hear the phrase "electronic music." I got a chance to talk to Nick Angelo and discuss his sound, his life and what it's like to work with dead people. Spooky.

SFR: So you have a pretty interesting sound. How did this come to be?
NA: What I do on the recordings is kind of different from what you will hear live. When I play, I am a one-man band. I attach a snare drum to my feet. I have a different sound than what you might hear on my albums. Depending on the mood, I will write different styles. I try to do it all myself because I haven't had much luck playing with other people.

OK, the throwaway question: Who are your biggest influences?
Probably Tom Waits and Merle Haggard. The album Serving 190 Proof by Merle Haggard was a great one. Leonard Cohen too. Not that I can do anything of that caliber…My job, as well, is an inspiration. I've been a mortician for about four and a half years. Seeing people in an emotional manner or being face-to-face with their mortality is intense.

Have you always wanted to play music?
Pretty much. I had a bicycle accident and broke my back, so was forced to be reclusive and start playing a lot of guitar and writing things.

You broke your back? That's fucking intense dude!
Yeah it was crazy!

How important is it to have all-ages spaces, and don't you think that more towns should have them?
It's always important for people to have something like that. And as far as I know, there's not a lot of that in Santa Fe. It's valuable, and there's a lot more of that in Albuquerque.

One of your albums is called The Insect God. Is this an Edward Gorey reference? He rules.
It is for sure. I like that picture a lot.

Do you play solo because you hate everyone?
No! I love everyone!

Will you say hi to me at the show even though I am awkward and refuse to make eye contact and might punch you in the stomach for no reason?
Sure…I'll say hi to you, but no punches in the stomach!

Nick Angelo, Luperci, Father of the Flood, His Holiness, Nose Whistler
6 pm Friday, Feb. 20

Meow Wolf
1800 Second Street