It's winter, and that means one thing: Liam Neeson will kill the hell out of people. Taken is the first in Neeson's old-dude-slaughtering series of films. The Grey, Taken 2, and Unknown follow it.

Perhaps expectations were too high for those three flicks. Or maybe they're shitty movies (they are). But we hold out hope for something as good as Taken. "Good" in this context means our expectations were so low for that film that we found joy in its artistry, skill, and overall leanness. We also forgave its sillier moments—and there are plenty.

That brings us to Non-Stop. There's a rumor floating around the campfire that its working title was Non-Stop Dogshit but I've never been able to prove it. In any event, Non-Stop is non-stop stupid, with an improbably intricate hijacking plot that no one—no one—could ever hope to pull off, even in Hollywood.

Neeson plays a drunk, unreliable air marshal on a flight to London who gets a text from a terrorist on the plane. The terrorist has a plot that frames Neeson for a hijacking while simultaneously extorting $150 million. The only mystery is whodunit, but when it's revealed whodunit, it isn't a surprise. And why is Julianne Moore in that thankless role?
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Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra
With Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore and Scoot McNairy
Regal Santa Fe Stadium 14
107 min.