Cut Endless Love a break. David (Alex Pettyfer) and Jade (Gabriella Wilde) are the endless lovers, and everyone else plays his or her part in this over-the-top bordering-on-melodrama silliness. And give Bruce Greenwood as Jade's father and Joely Richardson as her mother credit for sacrificing their pride for this racket. A screenplay this silly needs actors who commit.

See, Jade and David are in love because he's in the right place at the right time. Jade never had any friends in high school—suuuuuuuure—and for a graduation present her parents throw her a party. For nearly four years David has been rolling his tongue back into his head every time he sees her, and because of dumb luck and meet-cute, he rescues her party from the clutches of a bunch of olds.

Then there are the endless complications: Dad hates David; the kids do some stupid teenagery stuff; there’s a jealous ex. This one of those instances when it’s best to view a movie on its own terms, especially when it’s good at living up to its end of the bargain. You get what you pay for, and if you end up at the multiplex seeing Endless Love, you probably want what you’re buying. It’s not like you’re going because RoboCop is sold out.


Directed by Shana Feste
With Alex Pettyfer, Gabrielle Wilde, and Bruce Greenwood
Regal Stadium 14