Let's be frank: Dredd 3D isn't going to be around much longer.

With a sixth place debut and only six million dollars against a 50-million dollar budget (pretty low for a 3D actioner), it's safe to say that this film has officially bombed. Which is incredibly depressing. So, in the few days this film has left, I implore you: go see Dredd 3D.

The film is made by a couple of Danny Boyle veterans (screenwriter Alex Garland of 28 Days Later and Sunshine fame, and Anthony Dod Mantle, Boyle's longtime cinematographer), and it shows—the film is beautifully rendered, entertainingly written and damn-near perfectly staged. If you're in the mood for stunning 3D hyper-slow-motion, deadpan humor and extreme ultra-violence with a bit of a brain, Dredd 3D has it all.

I would describe the plot, but it doesn't matter, other than a premise: two cops are stuck in a super-high-rise apartment complex. They have to stop a drug lord at the top, who controls the whole building. Thus, they must fight their way to the top.

Sounds awesome, no? A little like Die Hard meets The Raid. Well, that's what it is, but with a nice dash of sci-fi.

You have been judged guilty of not seeing Dredd 3D. Your sentence? Go see Dredd 3D.

Regal Santa Fe Stadium 14; Storyteller Dreamcatcher 10, R, 95 min.