What do you call a movie about sex that has very little sex and a PG-13 rating? Hope Springs, of course.

The latest from The Devil Wears Prada director David Frankle certainly knows how to deliver emotional truth, but its screenplay and milquetoast approach betray its supremely talented cast.

The film, about an older couple married for 31 years, finds our protagonists trying to regain some intimacy in their marriage through intensive couples counseling. Enter Meryl Streep as the depressed and frustrated Kay, Tommy Lee-Jones as her emotionally and physically distant husband, Arnold, and Steve Carell as a cookie-cutter counselor.

All three actors give inspired performances, but special recognition must be given to Jones, whose comedic timing and non-verbal expression add up to a beautifully awkward presence. Hope Springs is fun to watch, but one wonders how great it could have been if it had been just a bit more daring and honest.

Regal Santa Fe Stadium 14, PG-13, 100 min.