Rani_Molla @votergirl Not so much an exploration of young minds on brink of adulthood, as young bodies on brink of motion. #newmoon

votergirl @Rani_Molla What? God, so boring. Kristen Stewart so awful. Why does she have to speak?

Rani_Molla @votergirl Bad acting can still make a good movie. But not that good #newmoon

votergirl @Rani_Molla Glad teen girls next to us not paying attention. Worse messaged movie ever

Rani_Molla @votergirl
HGH is sexy. So is roid rage. School is optional. So are shirts. #newmoon

votergirl @Rani_Molla
if your boyfriend leaves, get another. Or kill yourself. #newmoon

Rani_Molla @votergirl Becoming a vampire is a metaphor for losing virginity #newmoon

votergirl @Rani_Molla Vampires are metaphors for gay men #newmoon

Rani_Molla @votergirl But sexy. Werewolves also sexy, like Taylor Lautner, even tho he was born in 1992

votergirl @Rani_Molla That is not a legal thought. Robert Pattinson, OTOH does not look 17 #newmoon

Rani_Molla @votergirl or 108…here come the giggles #newmoon

votergirl @Rani_Molla OMG they're kissing #newmoon

Rani_Molla @votergirl and now they're moaning #newmoon

votergirl @Rani_Molla and now they're on their phones again tell that girl to shut up #newmoon

Rani_Molla @votergirl
afraid she'll beat me up Is that Dakota Fanning? She looks older than 12, but not yet 15 #newmoon

votergirl @Rani_Molla Fanning best part of movie…did she even speak? #newmoon

Rani_Molla @votergirl Which is hotter? Driving European sports cars fast and reckless or riding motorcycles fast and reckless #newmoon

votergirl @Rani_Molla
depends on if you are wearing a shirt #newmoon

Rani_Molla @votergirl
Italy gives everything cultlike status aka #Dan Brown #newmoon

votergirl @Rani_Molla movie makes no sense if you haven't seen first one #newmoon

Rani_Molla @votergirl
Doubt anyone sees this who didn't see the first #newmoon

votergirl @Rani_Molla
ooh, more wolf scenes best part of awful movie, decent CGI #newmoon

Rani_Molla @votergirl there are way worse movies but age matters when it comes to enjoyment of them #newmoon

votergirl @Rani_Molla ugh movie makes the books seem good, which they aren't #newmoon

Rani_Molla @votergirl
really, you read the books? #newmoon
votergirl @Rani_Molla do not RT

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Directed by Chris Weitz
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Billy Burke, Dakota Fanning

Dreamcatcher, Regal Stadium 14
130 min., PG-13