Things Get Ugly at the Roundhouse
Tuesday's cascade of unexplained vetoes by the governor may be unconstitutional. Santa Fe senator and Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth raised the issue last night and pointed to a section of New Mexico's Constitution that requires not just a veto but an explanation within three days while the Legislature is in session. Martinez did send explanations yesterday, but they may be too late. Meanwhile, Martinez is sparring with Republican Senator Sander Rue over his bill that requires an accounting of her $80,000 contingency fund. After a nasty tweet about Rue from a Martinez political committee, the senator brought up that unspeakable night in December 2015—the pizza party.

Whither Goest Thou, House, With Thy Shiny Veto?

After the Senate voted to override the governor's veto, sparking a storm of bill rejections from the chastened governor, House Republicans

. The bill, which would let teachers use more than three sick days a year without penalty, passed the chamber with overwhelming Republican support. Democrats could bring up the override, of course, but with just a six vote advantage in the House, they'd either need to find a bunch of Republicans to join them or find a time when a bunch of Republicans aren't on the floor to vote against an override.

The Half-Day of Action
SFR estimates the crowd at the Roundhouse topped 1,000 students, parents, teachers and education supporters as Santa Fe Public Schools let students out early yesterday to protest against budget cuts that could cost the district programs, school days or teachers. Check out the recap and the livestream (which is, of course, not actually a livestream at this point).

I'm Free (You're Not)
The executive director of the state Parole Board has resigned to take another state job. SFR recently highlighted the rarity of parole for New Mexico's most serious offenders after they have served their sentences, as well as the role the board's chairwoman played in ensuring they stay behind bars.

Da Doo Ron Run
Santa Fe City Councilor Ron Trujillo is running for mayor. The hard-fishin', Javier-opposin', real Santa Fe-representin' councilman sat down with SFR's Steven Hsieh to talk soda tax and political campaign.

A Closer Look
The Council on American-Islamic Relations wants a closer look at the desecration of two copies of the Quran at a Santa Fe library. The holy texts were apparently urinated on by a Wyoming couple that also placed copies of the Bible around the library and some Ann Coulter books, "for all to see." 

A Black Hole From Which No Information Escapes
It's not the kind of award any public agency or official ever wants to win, but New Mexico's Interstate Stream Commission took top honors as the worst public agency in the country for the free flow of information that belongs to the public. The Society of Professional Journalists hands out the Black Hole Award annually. In addition to the winner, New Mexico also had a finalist—the mayor of Hobbs.

Did I Unplug the Coffee Pot?
Faced with the promise of a lot less money following the legislative session, Rio Rancho's school district has asked teachers to ditch small appliances like coffee pots or microwaves in classrooms. That didn't go so well. After the district threatened to confiscate the electricity-sucking demons if they weren't gone by the end of the week, teachers revolted. The district is now asking for more conscientious use.

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