A Day Without an Immigrant
Santa Fe showed up strong to the more-or-less impromptu protest. Dozens of locally owned businesses around town closed their doors in solidarity with immigrant employees. Others stayed open, saying it was a way to make their own voice heard or that they planned to donate a portion of the day's proceeds.

Rep Wants More Answers from ICE

Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham says Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials aren't sharing enough about their

or who agents are apprehending. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus requested the meeting, though some of their members were

because they weren't on the guest list.

Tough Timing for Border Patrol

After Tuesday's raids in Las Cruces, the immigrant community was on edge. When the US Border Patrol

, many worried it signaled the start of a new enforcement effort in places previously considered off-limits. It wasn't. The school said the law enforcement vehicle was there for a partners-in-education event.

House Panel Passes Ethics Reform

A proposed constitutional amendment that would create an independent ethics commission with the power to investigate legislators and elected officials unanimously

a House committee. The measure is one of several that purport to be a way to hold public officials accountable. With the session in its second half, the resolution moves on to another committee.

Lying Water Systems Bill Blocked

A bill that would make it a felony for a public water system to lie to the state Environment Department was

yesterday, as Republicans rallied around Rep. James Strickler, who represents the district where the Animas Valley Water system operates. The state says the system gave it false water quality data to cover up serious problems.

Dam! Could It Happen Here?

That old standby story was in full effect as KOAT-TV looked at whether the government officials who monitor dam safety were worried about New Mexico's earthfill dams—which mirror the design of the compromised Oroville Dam in California. The short answer:


Delicious Designation

The annual James Beard Award nominations are out, and New Mexico has a

on the list, including Santa Feans Martin Rios and Colin Shane of

. In Albuquerque, Jonathan Perno of

made the list, too.

Rooms for Rent, Not for Lease

AirBnB, the online business that lets homeowners rent their rooms, apartments or houses by the night, says it has 60 percent

in New Mexico than just one year ago. And 120,000 people spent a night somewhere in the state. Santa Fe, where locals have decried the impact of nightly rentals on affordable long-term rental housing, saw $6.8 million in bookings last year. 

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