***image1***The locals' guide to indoor and outdoor fun.

The weather could not have cooperated more for the production cycle of the 2004 Winter Guide. With each passing minute, the wind howled louder, the temperature dropped and, in true SFR tradition, cold air started blowing through the vents requiring us all to work in our hats and jackets.

The dropping temperature also heralds other traditions. This is a great season for



and a host of other indoor and outdoor activities. It's also the perfect time of year to brush up on holiday music. Speaking of which, it's also an annual tradition at SFR this time of year for one staffer (ahem!) to walk around mangling lyrics to Christmas songs. Test your holiday music IQ with this quick quiz and remember: Singing loudly in the company of others may be annoying to them, but it will keep you warm.

When Frosty the Snowman ran around the village with the broomstick in his hand, he was saying:

a. "Catch me if you can."

b. "Suckers!"

c. "Global warming sucks."

The song "Let It Snow" is ostensibly about weather. The subtext, however, is about:

a. Jesus

b. Romantic love

c. Sexual fulfillment

Who is Parson Brown anyway?

a. A type of orange

b. A fictitious minister

c. A real minister


1. a.

2. Definitely b, possibly c.

3. At least a. Also clearly a minister if looked at contextually, but it's not clear if he's real or not.