Arm Yourself
Arm warmers from a variety of lines ($30 and up) are quickly becoming the coolest sports accessories since sliced bread—especially since no one straps on sliced bread for warmth anymore. Made of breathable Lycra and comfy elastic at arm top and wrists, it's like a dickey for arms. Arm warmers also provide good sun coverage during transitional weather months. It's hot. It's cold. It's hot. It's cold. Wahhh. Grab fleece-lined ones once the weather turns frigid. Knee and leg warmers are available as well ($35 and up), but may end up taking a back seat to the more traditional "pants."
New Mexico Bike N Sport, 524-C W. Cordova Road, 505-820-0809

Big Black Mat
One way to part the sea of scrawny purple mats in a yoga studio is to slap down your big, black Manduka PRO mat ($98). Watch as your fellow yogis ooh and ahh over the luscious, densely thick non-slip surface that is nice to your spine, joints, knees and elbows, and is certain to improve your practice. A lifetime guarantee makes this possibly the world's first heirloom mat. Pair it with the Urban Block ($16) to fashion-forward your yoga gear.
Body, 333 W. Cordova Road, 505-986-0362

Wool Worth It
You've never experienced wool like these Icebreaker base layers…unless you are a sheep. They even come with a unique "Baacode" so you can trace back the origins of your wool to some sort of god-like man-ram. This versatile activewear line ($25 and up) is moisture-wicking and nearly impervious to stench, which makes it a travel necessity. Icebreaker's merino wools are available in several base layer weights that can be worn in extreme conditions without adding bulk because the superfine threads are superior to any other wool thread (see god-like man-ram explanation). Find the perfect layer for your sport and stay cool, not stinky.
Sangre de Cristo Mountain Sports, 328 S. Guadalupe St., 505-984-8221

Tiny Dancer Toes
Breakthrough! Some sock/shoe/dancer genius invented FootUndeez ($23). They look just like tighty whities but are made from a nude fabric that employs two crucial suede pads for the area just under the toes. Just pull them over your toes and voila! You get the flexibility of bare feet with the protection of a shoe. Now you can dance, do yoga, Pilates or finally make the all-conference whirling dervish team while gaining traction and keeping your feet free and bare.
Kicks, 801 Cerrillos Road, 505-982-9277

Total Eclipse of the Shoe
The hottest shoe under the sun is the Nike Lunar Glide+ ($100), with its blistering colors and ability to adjust to the pronation of nearly every foot that inhabits its comfy fuselage. Pronation describes the way your body distributes weight through the cycle of your gait. Some tend to shift so that the weight compensates more to the left or the right of the foot, while others stay evenly distributed to the middle. The Lunar Glide+ sees no difference and makes this a foot ride for all to enjoy. The Lunar Glide is Nike+ enabled, which means it has a sensor embedded in the sock liner that talks to your iPod, iPhone or other Nike+ device to record your pace, distance, time and calories burned. Download those tidbits of info to keep track of your progress and training goals.
Running Hub, 527-B W. Cordova Road, 505-820-2523