Yeah, it’s hot this summer, and you probably want to recline and sip on something cold in between museum hopping, gallery strolling and whatever else is on your summer itinerary. Take our five suggestions for quenching your thirst this season, ranging from legally laced margaritas to ginger-lime pick-me-ups.

Margaritas at the Palace
The Palace Saloon and Restaurant is where proper Victorianism meets the Wild West. There’s the dark, brooding saloon and upscale dining area—and then there’s the back patio. In the patio’s enclosed outside area, strings of lights crisscross above your head. It’s a charming, private and—dare I say it—completely romantic setting to pair with an aphrodisiac-infused beverage. Doña’s Damiana Margarita is a basic, salt-rimmed margarita instilled with the essence of the Damiana flower, which is known to have hallucinogenic properties. Herbal undertones contrast the cocktail’s bright, sweet flavor. It’s a subtle alternative to the premade, high-fructose margarita mixes.
What: Doña’s Damiana Margarita
Where: The Palace Saloon and Restaurant, 142 W Palace Ave., 428-0690
Cost: $10.50

Santa Fe Pale Ale
After you’re silly-happy from the Palace’s margarita, skip over to Coyote Cantina, where you can sit on the balcony and enjoy a locally crafted Santa Fe Pale Ale. The balcony can be crowded, but the setting is absolutely lovely. Try to scout out a barstool by the ledge to catch the view. Looking down, you can people-watch as oblivious tourists stroll by. There’s something really Santa Fe about drinking a pale ale on top of a crowded balcony. Santa Fe Pale Ale, a longtime local favorite, is smooth and not overwhelmingly hoppy—a nice fizz to settle the stomach.
What: Santa Fe Pale Ale
Where: Coyote Cantina, 132 W Water St., 983-1615
Cost: $4

Second Street Brewery Trappist Ale
Second Street’s Trappist Strong Ale is a statement-piece, served in a goblet rather than a typical Pilsner glass. Second Street Brewery at the Railyard is an ultra-modern, industrial hangout. Usually, there’s some sort of commotion, whether it’s a band playing or a knitting group convening, but, you can be sure, there’s always beer flowing. The Trappist Ale boasts a whopping 9.7 percent alcohol content, the highest proof available at the Brewery, and tastes like fermented espresso. It’s sweet and nutty, a heavy body with a delicate foam. You know it’s top-shelf brew because this beer isn’t discounted during happy hour. Call the Brewery in advance for the beer’s availability.
What: Trappist Strong Ale
Where: Second Street Brewery at the Railyard, 1607 Paseo de Peralta, 989-3278
Cost: $5.50 (for 8 ounces)

Tamarind Juice and a Pupusa
Look carefully for Pupusería y Restaurante Salvadoreño, the unassuming Salvadoran joint that’s hidden beneath a staircase next to the Days Inn on Cerrillos Road. Inside the restaurant, the cashier greets you into this no-frills, mom-and-pop establishment. Bright tapestries line the walls, and plastic tablecloths adorn the tables. Tamarind juice is served in a large, plastic cup with a glacier of ice. It’s sweet and cold, the juice so thick that it coats your tongue and throat. While you’re there, order a $2 pupusa because you’re at a pupusería (Spanish for pupusa shop). The spice of the pupusa blends nicely with the tamarind’s sweet pulp.
What: Tamarind juice
Where: Pupusería y Restaurante Salvadoreño, 2900 Cerrillos Road, 474-3512
Cost: $2.50

Ginger Lime Quencher
AnnaPurna’s World Vegetarian Café is an Ayurvedic haven with Hindi décor and an impressive tea collection. Boasting three locations in New Mexico—two in Albuquerque and one in Santa Fe—AnnaPurna uses locally grown produce. Sit amongst the white-turbaned Sikhs and, to commemorate the summer, enjoy a ginger-lime refreshment. There’s nothing fancy about this concoction. It’s subtle and basic: lemon, ginger, water and agave sweetener. A perfect detox for last night’s misadventures, stir your straw around and watch ginger specks whirl—unless your head is already doing just that.
What: Chilled Ginger Lime
Where: Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café, 1620 St. Michael’s Drive, 988-9688
Cost: $3.50

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