Certain people exemplify summer. They're the ones who love nothing more than long days and warm sunshine, eschew skiing and, in extreme cases, wear flip-flops all winter in silent protest. They thrive on all that summer means: melting ice cream, outdoor music festivals, swarms of out-of-towners and the general burst of activity that pervades Santa Fe as soon as the weather turns warm.

For this year's Summer Guide, SFR profiles a handful of those people—the ones we think best epitomize both summer and its attendant pleasures.

You'll gain insight into the lives of a local DJ, an operatic muse, a firefighter, a Grammy-winning flutist, a horseshoer, an artist, a ranger and a rapper. You'll ride the range with a real live cowboy (even if he was born in the Big Apple) and sample the delights of the Santa Fe Farmers Market in full bloom.

These people know summer; indeed, their work (or play) defines it. We hope they provide some inspiration for the rest of us to craft our own perfect season.

And whether you’re a summer-lover or a snow bunny, get out and enjoy the sunshine this year. These long days won’t last forever.

—Alexa Schirtzinger

City Cowboy

A Brooklyn transplant trades the office for the outdoors


Forget Bruce Wayne—Felix Cordova is the real Batman

Desk with a View

Corralling the chorus at the Santa Fe Opera comes with a prime perch

King Conkle

A park ranger explains why you wish you had his job

Degrees of Summer

We go full circle with Circumference 360

Skewed Perspectives

A residency in Santa Fe provides the space to distill the world’s angst

Some Like it Hot

Wildland firefighters don’t expect much downtime in a hot, dry summer

Corn Whisperer

Po’pay returns with a soft touch

Market Potential

Sampling summer’s vegetal bounty with Sarah Noss

Secret Shoe Society

Santa Fe harbors a hidden group that rules the world of shoes and brews