There’s nothing like eight months of icy winter lockdown to make you really appreciate summer. And this winter felt particularly punitive, so we’re really ready to start appreciating.

It’s easy to have fun in Santa Fe during the summer. For one thing, there’s just so much to do here (check out our culture calendar and

for just a few ideas).

There’s also lots to do elsewhere, and much of this year’s Summer Guide explores adventures and events happening all around

New Mexico

. So when you’re ready to take a day trip or long weekend, you might want to consider heading south to Las Cruces for some

or checking out a

so unique, it gives Zozobra a quack for its money. You could finally go see an Isotopes game or visit those

you’ve heard so much about. You could also strap on some

, see


or watch the sun rise over


As you read this year’s Summer Guide, be sure also to keep your eye on the bottom of the page for suggested hikes, swim spots, museums, events and more.

Just want to sit around drinking margaritas? That’s fine, too. But you might regret not getting out and about once the snow starts falling again. Just sayin’.

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