***image1***Although the summer solstice, and the official start of the season, is still a handful of days away, the kids are already out of school and the warm weather has settled in, making it officially flip flop season. So what do you have planned for the next few, blissful months? Not sure yet? We've got a few ideas. You could take it easy,

and seize a rare opportunity to


. Or quit making excuses and finally get to work around the house,

and replacing that dinged up old screen door with a new-but-recycled model. And after you've whipped the place into shape, it's time to throw a

, complete with DJ, cold beer and plenty of snacks. Of course the yard may not be big enough for a live band (and you couldn't afford Ozomatli, anyway), so you'll need to know when and where to find all of the

. Sign the kids up for


and that'll give you plenty of me-time to catch a summer blockbuster or indulge in

. If you've run out of date-night ideas, we've got the details on

and about a million other

. When all that running around gets you down, take our advice and recharge with an

and return to idea number one: laying by the pool.