Having spoken with concert promoter Jamie Lenfestey of Heath Concerts for the Santa Fe Manual, I figured I should speak to his counterpart at T-Cubed Productions, Tim Franke, for the summer arts preview. This dude has been booking great shows for a few years now and, as we head into summer, he’s got more great stuff and some good advice for our community.

How’s it feel to be a local promoter heading into the summer?
Being a promoter in Santa Fe is…well, it’s a labor of love. I do like the game, and it keeps me connected to music, so it’s worth it. I am, however, going to need more support from the community. I mean, I’m doing my best to book the acts this town wants while also trying to educate them about what’s going on in other cities or what they need to be listening to. As I’m sure people know, there’s a lot of Americana and indie-folk going on.

That’s what seems to sell everywhere.
Even the indie-rock stuff has to have a kind of country sound to do well around here.

Even so, you must notice more people attending shows when the weather gets warmer.
Oh, yes. Summertime is party time, and there will be a lot going on at places like The Lensic and The Underground and especially at Sol [Santa Fe Stage and Grill].

Sol seems to be coming up a lot these days. What are your feelings on that?
Sol is trying to make a place in Santa Fe as a viable venue, and because of the multiple promoters—T-Cubed, Heath Concerts, Meow Wolf, Southwest Roots Music, Joe Anderson—working on bringing shows there, the calendar has been really solid. We are getting a lot of great touring acts but also showcasing great local talent. The patio is opening up for the summer, and if the community responds, we can do patio parties more often. We’re talking early shows under the sun—all ages; bring the kids. I will say that it’s harder to get people out to Sol for local stuff. But really, it’s a venue for touring bands, so we can call it a destination venue. Obviously, the drinking-and-driving concerns are there, but it is Santa Fe’s only truly viable venue for the type of shows I’m trying to bring: all-ages, great sound, liquor, etc. I don’t really see what the problem is driving 10 minutes to go see a band, especially with such a beautiful outdoor space.

So I guess you’re going to do more outdoor shows there?
I’ll be doing some outdoor weekend shows. Like in July, I’m doing a big barbecue party on the patio with Aggrolites, which is one of those dirty ska kind of bands. They’re a little punkish, but I’m also going to have some ska-type bands. I want to add a lot of local bands to that as well. I’m planning on putting Blind Pilot and Murder by Death outside.

Do you have anything else coming up you’re particularly excited about?
More than anything, I’m excited about Blitzen Trapper coming up June 4. I’m also doing the Thirsty Ear Fest kickoff with Legendary Shake Shackers and the Dirty Daubers. Thirsty Ear runs June 8, 9 and 10 at Sol. That’s going to have a lot of amazing acts like Mary Gauthier, Sister Carol and more. [June 10] is Community Day and will have a lot of locals playing. That’s for people who are more into roots music, but for something a little more progressive or post-rocky, local band As In We and myself are doing a post-rock night with This Will Destroy You. I love that post-rock stuff.

Any last words?
The more shows people attend this summer, the better chance Santa Fe has for getting more and better shows everyone wants to see. It’s about becoming a part of the entire music community, not just attaching yourself to one or two bands or one venue. All the promoters in this city are working collectively to keep the touring bands coming, so come out, Santa Fe—we’ll party! 

T-Cubed Productions presents:
Blitzen Trapper: Monday, June 4, $16, 7:30 pm, Sol Santa Fe Stage and Grill, 37 Fire Place, 473-7322

Southwest Roots Music and T-Cubed Productions present:
Thirsty Ear Kickoff with The Legendary Shack Shakers and the Dirt Daubers.Thursday, June 7, $12-$15, 7:30 pm, Sol Santa Fe Stage and Grill, 37 Fire Place, 473-7322

T-Cubed Productions Presents:
This Will Destroy You and As In We, Saturday, June 16, $12, 7:30 pm, Sol Santa Fe Stage and Grill, 37 Fire Place, 473-7322

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