In Santa Fe, summer has a sort of springlike effect on the arts scene. As soon as May loses its last vestige of winter, every corner of the city suddenly bursts with art. The galleries and museums blossom with new exhibits; the Plaza hums with the reverberations of the popular, twice-daily Bandstand music festival; the Railyard plays host to outdoor movies and concerts; the opera attracts aficionados from all over the globe; the libraries and bookstores and parks and summer camps offer various artistic outlets for hordes of children blissfully free of classes and homework.

In fact, Santa Fe's summer arts scene is so extensive that we found it necessary to dedicate an entire special issue to helping you navigate the season's festivities. In these pages, you'll find local arts leaders' recommendations for don't-miss events, and you'll gain some perspective on the work it takes to bring those events to Santa Fe. We don't mind if you rip out the festival calendar on page 22; you may need it to keep track of all the major festivals slated to hit our city this year. Parents, we haven't forgotten about you (or your children)—on page 21, find a rundown of all the great activities that let Santa Fe's kids express themselves, artistically and otherwise. And if your idea of a perfect summer afternoon involves lolling in De Vargas Park, just within earshot of the Cowgirl's band du jour, that's fine, too.

But through it all, don’t forget to stop and appreciate one of the truly precious gems the City Different offers: a world-class, bustling arts scene.
—Alexa Schirtzinger

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