Running a local eatery so close to a wildly popular national chain might seem daunting for most restaurateurs, but it doesn’t seem to faze the fine folks at The Ranch House. Their Southside location is absolutely pristine, with a sort of rustic Southern charm mixed into the traditional adobe stylings. It goes without saying that this is the best barbecue in town. Look at their inclusions in our past Restaurant Guides. We’re almost effusive to a fault about their postmodern fusion of traditional Southern BBQ and New Mexico flavors. But did you know they’re absolutely killing it in the steak and burger department? Their behemoth 14 oz., bone-in ribeye is a symphony of beef: perfectly seasoned and grilled, and then topped with crispy onion strings and house-made bourbon-shallot butter. It’s gorgeous, really; a work of beefy art. Your cholesterol will be pissed, but your stomach will thank you. And while we’re on the cholesterol tour, be sure to try their huevo burger: a half-pound burger on toasted brioche topped with Gruyère cheese, grilled onions, crimini mushrooms and a fried egg. Once you summit this mountain of beef, sample the apricot sour: an epic bourbon cocktail prepared with Taos Lightning Bourbon whiskey, apricot nectar and ginger liqueur. It’s fruity and bright, with just enough bourbon to warm your gut and put a smile on your face.

2571 Cristo's Road, 424-8900
Lunch and dinner daily, $15-$30