San Q, the brainchild of longtime Kohnami owner Sang Gyoo Park (say it aloud), taught Santa Fe a new word: japas, or Japanese tapas. The concept is simple (in fact, we’re surprised no one thought of it before), but San Q devotes an entire section of its menu to this specialty, making it the ideal place to spend a lazy weekend afternoon or late-night dinner sampling from the wealth of diverse small-plate options. The gyoza are fabulous (and a steal at $6 for six pieces), as is the buta kimchi (kimchi with pork, $9), and a host of other options await. But less adventurous diners need not worry: San Q also offers plenty of classic favorites for both lunch and dinner—fried rice, California rolls, and various rice and noodle bowls. The restaurant bills itself as a Japanese pub, and a new pool room in front reinforces that notion, as do a variety of regional beers and sake. Finish up with green tea mochi or tempura ice cream, and your stomach will thank you.

31 Burro Alley, 992-0304
Lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday;
dinner only on Sunday. $15-$20