Dr. Field Good’s Kitchen presents a hip and beautiful paradox: fancy comfort food. It indulges both the decadent and refined halves of any good food brain. It’s a perilous tightrope to walk, but chef Josh Gerwin pulls it off with style to spare. You want a burger piled sky high with meats and cheeses? Try the ironically named Skinny Burger: a tower of locally sourced ground beef patties, cheese and Gerwin’s special sauce (pleasantly reminiscent of In-N-Out’s). How about ooey gooey? Well, you’re in luck! Try the Roasted Vegetable Arancini: fried risotto balls topped with a damn-near perfect marinara and fresh-torched mozzarella. You’re gonna have to call and break up with cheese sticks after this. To complete a trifecta of decadence, try the Bad Ass BLT, a 9 oz. patty of ground bacon grilled to perfection and topped with lettuce and tomatoes. This sandwich may very well constitute the pinnacle of our nation’s recent obsession with bacon. Though it may lack the crunch of a thin rasher, the sheer density of bacon flavor is as orgasmic as it is overwhelming. Top it off with some of the richest chocolate truffles you’re bound to ever taste, and you’ll always remember fondly the day you ditched your diet.

2860 Cerrillos Road, Ste. A1, 471-0043
Lunch and dinner Mon-Sun. $15-$30