There's the pizza joint you frequent because its pies are excellent, and then there's the pizza joint you frequent because it's a cool gathering place. Back Road Pizza is both. Let's start with the food: As healthy as pizza gets, these pies are distinguished by a light


cornmeal crust that is slightly crispy, never soggy and dotted generously with toppings like feta cheese, fresh spinach and spicy sausage. The owners here prefer locally grown (or raised) ingredients, buying regularly from the Farmers Market. Now let's talk community: Many patrons attend regular political events, including Drinking Liberally and question-and-answer sessions with local political candidates at the restaurant. This is also an especially queer-friendly spot in a pretty queer-friendly town, hosting trans/queer cabarets, spoken-word events and some of the most cutting-edge bands we have to offer. At Back Road Pizza you can get a pretty damn tasty pizza pie along with a little taste of San Francisco; this is a friendly neighborhood gathering spot, where families and activists can sit side by side and share the love of a fine slice.

1807 Second St., Bldg. #1, 955-9055,


Lunch and dinner daily. $