With more than 100 bottled beers on the menu (but only two wine choices, basically white or red), the Atomic has one of the best selections of brew in town. This late-night haunt isn't known, however, for its rowdy, beer-drinkin' crowd. The late crowd tends to run pretty hip and young, with kids not quite old enough to drink and those who want food a step up from the bar grub available downtown late at night. Earlier in the day, Atomic is a great place for kids and features the kind of American fare that you just need sometimes. Burgers come in the carnivorous and vegetarian varieties-the first is juicy and the latter a touch oaty, but without any of the "I want to taste like meat" aspirations of so many veggie burgers. Atomic's chips and salsa are hot but not too hot, with a sweet cilantro salsa and the perfect amount of chips. When devouring an entire pizza is in order, the Atomic offers four choices. Most important, late at night, Atomic has breakfast burritos that are a godsend, and the raspberry-infused French toast leaves you wondering how they got the raspberries in there in the first place.

103 E. Water St., 820-2866. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. $