Somehow, in a discreet building on the edge of a downtown parking lot, India Palace has created an enduring and nearly perfect dining experience. A funky, chunky little building has taken on an aura of elegance and aplomb over the years due to the miraculous grace, friendliness and professional service offered by the entire staff. World class service is just the mango in the lassi, however, the capper on a dining experience that begins with-despite an East Indian emphasis-versatility. Not only will the menu satisfy a full range of diners, from those in need of whole samplings of lamb and chicken to those requiring more vegan sensitivities but it's the ideal getaway for both a quick, solo lunch buffet or a family style dinner banquet. Some like it hot and others need it to be reassuringly mild. India Palace satisfies all comers and not just with something for everyone, but with many things for everyone. There's a heaping selection of curries and vindaloos with enough spice to get you out of the winter blues and the tenderly cooked, perfectly spiced chicken tikka masala is perfect for recovering from a spate of enchilada doldrums. There's a world of kormas, paneers and koftas to explore; if the selections seem overwhelming, choose from one of the pre-matched combination dinners, or speak to the staff. You'll find there's both a science and a philosophy behind what, when and how to eat from this whirlwind of a menu and allowing some suggestions from the professionals will make your experience that much better.

227 Don Gaspar Ave., 986-5859.

Lunch and dinner daily. $$