It's fitting for something called "The Treasure" to be a bit of a secret. Passing through Sanbusco Center at the height of lunch hour during the week, you'd be forgiven for assuming-by the packed tables and the line at the counter-that El Tesoro is well beyond the realm of discovered and plundered. But this busy lunch destination is still little known as one of the best weekend breakfast spots in town. The daily lunch menu is a tasty mash-up of Central American, New Mexican and Californian influences, including explosively tasty fajitas that sizzle in a stew of their own unique marinade, a green chile tortilla burger that will make a jaded carnivore weep with revelation and a host of filling and flavorful burritos, tostadas, salads and sandwiches. But breakfast at El Tesoro is so good that it hurts. On Sundays, breakfast is served all day and Sanbusco is nearly deserted, allowing you plenty of time to ponder the big questions: The chilaquiles (corn tortilla chips and scrambled eggs smothered with black beans, onions, tomatoes, red chile, guacamole and sour cream) or huevos


motuleƱos (two over-easy eggs sandwiched between blue corn tortillas over black beans, feta cheese, green peas, fried bananas and green chile). Don't forget a side of the homemade sausage-if it were served at fundamentalist churches, we'd all be born again. Whenever you go and whatever you choose, there are two must-do's at El Tesoro-platanos fritos in a heavy sensuous cream and the freshly squeezed juices, rotated daily, which include watermelon, tamarind, lime and, sometimes on a Sunday, strawberry horchata.

500 Montezuma Ave., Sanbusco Center, 988-3886.

Breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday.

Sunday breakfast all day. $. No alcohol.