Santa Fe caters quite well to vegetarians-at least vegetarians with money. Most of the upscale restaurants here offer meat-free entrees so appetizing that meat eaters hardly notice there's something missing. But vegans and those who follow an ayurvedic diet had it much rougher-that is, until Annapurna came along. Named for the Indian goddess responsible for food and nourishment, this Albuquerque concept developed a devoted following in that city, especially from students and teachers at the Ayurvedic


Here, Annapurna's space in Solano Center is a colorful, tranquil place with hand-painted tables and a series of curtained booths where you can sit on floor cushions and eat on low tables. The food here is similar to Indian dishes you've had at other restaurants, except that it's all vegetarian and mostly vegan, like saag paneer (spinach and cheese), samosas (vegetable pockets), and masala dosas (mung bean crepes filled with vegetables). The beverage list is particularly enticing, with house-blended chai, a huge tea selection, mango lassis and a long list of elixirs.

905 W. Alameda St., 988-9688.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. $