With a name like this, you figure everything is drenched in rich fudge…not! Of course, you can have the most delicious peanut butter chunk brownie or a croissant filled with decadent chocolate. But Chocolate Maven has real food, too, and what food it is. Brunch is served Saturdays and Sundays and is not to be missed. On the egg side of things, there's ménage à trois: That's one eggs benedict (complete with a thick slice of Canadian bacon, just like there oughta be), one eggs Florentine (the creamed spinach has a hint of nutmeg-yum) and one more with smoked salmon makes it trois. The hollandaise sauce is a far cry from the gloppy Velveta-type we sometimes get elsewhere. This hollandaise is light, lemony and there's just enough to dip your toast in. If you yearn for a sweet breakfast, try the fluffy pancakes. And if you're one of those people who prefers lunch at brunch, order the chicken crepes, lots of white meat rolled up in a thin pancake, its edges barely crisp. No matter what you order, this brunch will entice you. And don't skip the coffee!

821 W. San Mateo Road, 9841980. Lunch daily, brunch

weekends. $$.

SFR Pick:

Eggs benedict with red skin homefries.