Dear Santa Fe,

During the planning process for this year’s Love & Sex issue, a writer asked if he could profile a local singles group. It turned out we’d already profiled the group in last year’s issue. Unfortunately, we’d also already profiled the only tantric sex group, strip club and main burlesque troupe in town.

This is surprising, in a way, because Santa Fe is the type of place where people can smoke pot under the bridge, and everyone who smells it just smiles and keeps walking. Maybe you can't put a satellite dish on your house in a historic district, but otherwise, people are pretty accepting. So why don't we talk more about sex? Why do we lack an abortion provider, and why—according to all of our single friends—is it so hard to get laid around here?

In an attempt to answer (or at least address) these questions, we took this year's Love & Sex issue in a new direction. We asked writers to discuss their experiences with love and sex in the City Different, hoping that their stories would start a conversation.

If sex has ever been underwhelming, read Dani Katz’ essay for a little perspective. If you’re attached, learn how to combat the Lazy Man Syndrome; if you’re not, the Girl’s Guide to Getting Down in a Small Town is a must-read for men and women alike. If you’re planning on a serious make out session this V-Day, check out Alex De Vore’s lovemaking soundtrack; if not, curl up with a bottle of champagne and read some good, old-fashioned love stories in the rest of these pages.

SFR Staff

About the cover:

Artisan chocolatier and candy-maker Chuck Higgins of CG Higgins Confections (847 Ninita St., 820-1315), together with Maggie Faralla of Maggie’s Cakes (2190 W Alameda St., Ste. F, 989-1416), created this custom-made confection for SFR’s 2012 Love & Sex issue. Thanks to Chuck and Maggie for bringing artistry to romance!

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