According to last year's Facebook statistics, 43,869,800 people changed their relationship statuses to "single," while only 28,460,516 people changed their statuses to "in a relationship."

For those of you who survived the odds and are not currently wracked by the throws of unimaginable loneliness, perhaps it's time to drop some serious bills to show you appreciate your special someone—or at least having one.

SFR has assembled a sexy list of Valentine's Day suite packages (money and a date not included) for your pleasure.

Inn of the Anasazi

113 Washington Ave., 988-3030,
The lowdown: A stone’s throw from the Plaza, the Inn of the Anasazi is named after the mercurial people who some believe disappeared from this area 700 years ago. Take a cue from them and vanish into this venerable downtown getaway. If things become too intense, soak up Southwest zen with the inn’s multi-story, mortarless fountain, built in the style of the Anasazi ruins.

What $700-$933 gets you: a suite you won’t want to (and don’t have to) leave. Enjoy two days in a room fitted with chocolate-dipped strawberries and Cuvée, a bed sprinkled with roses, and the sultry sounds of Ruben Romero’s Love & Passion CD. A gratis appointment with a romance expert fleshes out some sexy spa and activity extras. Also enjoy a dinner in bed (or alone in the living room) and breakfast each day with your sweet hotness. Be sure to use the hotel-provided digital camera to, you know, “capture your memories.” Hotel staff will download the pictures for you on disk…so, um, yeah, just go for it (you don’t have to see those people again). 


198 State Road 592, 946-5700,
The lowdown: Located north of town with an unfettered view of the northern New Mexico desertscape, Encantado is a great way to get out of town (but only a quick jot in a Mercedes Benz away). The resort is full of clean lines and contemporary amenities (including a miniature version of LewAllen Gallery—WTF?!) for a minimalist-maximalist getaway.

What $1,946-$2,712 gets you: a room with a view and purview. In your two days in a luxury casita or suite, enjoy a rose-petal bath, Champagne, truffles  and a Loving Box Welcome Amenity with romantic essential oils. Make googly eyes over a candlelit dinner with wine, and breakfast by yourselves. Then relax with a two-hour Sacred Moment Spa treatment in a private spa suite. If that’s not enough to put the gears in motion, take a free ride in the resort’s silver (we wouldn’t want a mix of colors messing up the view) hybrid Mercedes Benz, or drive around yourself with special reservations.

The Inn of the Five Graces

150 E DeVargas St., 992-0957,
The lowdown: Entering any one of The Inn of the Five Graces’ 24 rooms is like taking an instantaneous flight to India, Morocco, Thailand—or any of the other places hotel owner Seret & Sons sources its lavish materials. No surface is left unadorned—with tiled murals, with intricate textiles, with carved wood—so that the adobe Disneyland of downtown Santa Fe is eviscerated from your mind the moment you shut the door behind you. Each suite is named something New Agey—Liliam, Birdsong, Moonstone—but we’re pretty sure we didn’t see any crystals, so go on and take your sweetheart on a faraway getaway right around the way.

What $1,275-$2,025 gets you: two nights in one badass suite. Oh, and wallow in the luxury of a dozen roses, chocolate-covered strawberries, rose petals strewn on the bed and near the bathtub, and a couples’ massage.