Valentine's Day—scourge of the single girl; bane of the unromantic boyfriend—is almost here again, and whether you're planning to spend it drowning your luckless love life in tequila shots, cuddling with your darling or alone with your cat, there should be at least some alcohol involved.

But where and what you should drink in Santa Fe this V-Day depends entirely on your style—which SFR expects to assess with a quick, painless quiz. Without further ado, here's the test. Score your answers according to the key below, and we'll hook you up with the best possible drinking experience for you (and, if applicable, your beloved). L'chaim!

QUIZ: What’s your dating style?

1. It’s 5 pm on a Friday. Where are you?
A. Halfway through your second Manhattan at a local bar.
B. Having a heated political discussion with several friends over beers.
C. At home, drinking Miller High Life and playing Call of Duty with your pothead roommate.
D. Holed up in a dark corner of an intimate wine bar with your beloved.
E. Still working. Hey, you didn’t become your company’s youngest manager for nothing.

2. It’s 11 am on a Saturday. Where are you?
A. All decked out in expensive ski gear, about to drop off a cornice at Taos Ski Valley.
B. At brunch with your significant other.
C. Who’s this hottie in my bed?
D. Still asleep. Your personal beliefs prohibit getting up before noon on weekends.
E. At the dog park, trying to ignore your hangover.

3. What’s the best way to get a date in Santa Fe?
A. Go to Corazón and buy him/her a couple of drinks.
B. Use pickup lines. Example: “If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.”
C. Woo him/her with expensive dinners and nights at the Lensic Performing Arts Center.
D. Why waste the money? Give up on dating and focus on your chakras.
E. Go to happy hour and try not to monopolize the cheese fries.

4. When you want to show your significant other you love him/her, you…
A. Spend all day slaving over homemade filet mignon and chocolate mousse, buy an expensive bottle of wine, scatter rose petals all over the floor and put on Pavarotti in advance of his/her arrival.
B. Consent to do that really boring thing he/she always wants to do (watch football, go to the ballet, etc.)
C. Buy him/her a beer.
D. Take him/her out to dinner and bring flowers.
E. Use the bully pulpit of a karaoke bar to declare your love.

Add up your score:

1: a=3; b=1; c=0, d=2; e=4
2: a=4; b=2; c=3; d=0; e=1
3: a=3; b=0; c=4; d=1; e=2
4: a=4; b=1; c=0; d=3; e=2

Find out your style…

14-16 points: High Roller
You like living the high life, and you’re not afraid to show it. Chances are you’ve already started planning your Valentine’s Day extravaganza, whether you’ve found someone to share it with or not. Either way, consider starting your evening with the showiest, most creative cocktail list in town, at Coyote Café Cantina. There’s food, too, should you decide to outsource your gourmet dinner—but reservations are required, so plan ahead.
The Place: Coyote Café Cantina, 132 W Water St., 983-1615,
The Drink: Champagne Blossom (orange flower water beads “dancing” in a champagne glass, $14)

10-13 points: Class Act
You don’t want to break the bank, but you dig a little luxury now and then, and V-Day is the perfect excuse. Hit up Koi, which has a clientele young enough to make drinking there easy and fun—but is chic enough to make you (and your date) feel special. If you’re feeling forward, the “Smoked Salty Chihuahua” practically oozes sensuality. If not, rely on Koi’s traditional Manhattan to set the mood.
The Place: Koi, 135 W Palace Ave., 955-0400,
The Drink: Smoked Salty Chihuahua (tequila, grapefruit juice and smoked salt, $8)

6-9 points: Average Bear
Congratulations! You’re a normal person—with a wealth of possibilities for enjoying yourself. At Secreto Bar at Hotel St. Francis, it’s equally easy to strike up a conversation with a handsome out-of-towner (or bartender) as it is to snuggle in a dark corner with your man/woman of the moment. Mixologist Daniel Gonzales tells SFR that, for V-Day, he’s planning a white chocolate martini-esque concoction, complete with Godiva liqueur, homemade whipped cream and a sprinkling of peppermint candy. If that’s too much, stick to the cozy Fireside Cocktail (cognac, Benedictine, Lillet Rouge).
The Place: Secreto Bar at Hotel St. Francis, 210 Don Gaspar Ave., 983-5700,
The Drink: Roses are White, Violets are Sapphire (Bombay Sapphire, violet liqueur, fresh cucumbers, lemon juice, rosewater whipped cream—served warm for $10)

3-6 points: Recessionista
Ten percent unemployment doesn’t scare you a bit. You’ve been saving your allowance since you were 6 years old, and you have a knack for sniffing out good deals. If you’re attached, hit up the Dragon Room Lounge at The Pink Adobe, where you’ll get free popcorn and a fire perfect for cuddling. If not, visit the heart of Santa Fe at Corazón, where even if you fail to woo a lover, you’ll at least hear some great music.
The Places: Dragon Room Lounge at The Pink Adobe, 406 Old Santa Fe Trail, 983-7712,
Corazón, 401 S Guadalupe St., 983-4559,
The Drinks: At the Dragon Room, try the festively pink (and tequila-laced) Rosalita; at Corazón, a couple of green olives (remember what those mean?!) in your martini will do the trick.

0-3 points: Cheapskate!
Given the choice between Kraft mac ’n’ cheese and a meal at any restaurant in the world, you’d probably pick the mac ’n’ cheese. But given that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a special occasion, you may have to take yourself (and maybe even someone else) out for a nice time. Luckily, Second Street Brewery, where there’s a happy hour every day of the week (4-6:30 pm) and usually free live music, is as low-maintenance as you are. Or, as the bar’s website proclaims, “Beer has food value, but food has no beer value.”
The Place: Second Street Brewery, 1814 Second St. or 1607 Paseo de Peralta, 982-8585,
The Drink: Alternator Doppelalt (at 7.9 percent alcohol by volume, you’ll get your money’s worth)