Welcome to our last-ever Love and Sex issue. With all the serious issues confronting the world today (war, poverty, environmental holocaust), we�ve decided love and sex just aren�t important anymore. ***image1***

Ha ha! Just kidding. Seriously, when life seems grim, there�s nothing that perks us up more than a steamy make-out session, or just thinking about a steamy make-out session. (Are we blushing?) And because Bush is still in office and the war in Iraq is still raging and Hummers still get eight miles to the gallon, we need distraction more than ever! So in this issue you�ll find plenty of lascivious thoughts, especially in the crossword (�

,�), and on our Valentine�s shopping list (�

�). Editor Julia Goldberg tackles a subject that causes no end of angst for engaged couples: how to buy engagement ring that doesn�t have any horrible ethical strings attached (�

�). Regular columnist Rob Wilder earns a rare PG-13 rating this week, writing about one of the most talked-about issues facing dads today: Viagra (�

�). If you�re looking for a special way to celebrate with your loved one, check out our calendar (�

�) for some suggestions. Looking deeper into the subject, we explore the role that  love, sex and passion play in the life and work of four creative New Mexicans: comedy writer Jack Handey (�

�), photographer Patrick Nagatani (�

�), cake designer Maggie Faralla (�Sugar and Spice�) and counselor Carol MacHendrie (�

"). We hope these stories amuse, inspire, titillate and, most importantly, take your mind off all the stuff that�s been getting you down


Gwyneth Doland

LOVE & SEX 2008

Crossword Puzzle: "

" [

] - by Dve Maass

Shopping: "

" - by Jen Palmer

Engagement Rings: �

" - by Julia Goldberg

Viagra: "

" - by Rob Wilder

Calendar: "

" - by Patricia Sauthoff

Jack Handey: "

" - by Cullen Curtiss

Photography: "

" - by Patricia Sauthoff

Cake Design: "

" - Gwyneth Doland

Counseling: "

" - by Peter Breslin

Music: "

" - by Gabe Gomez