Deep thoughts at the strip joint, Cupid's concoctions, wine picks for lovers, music for modern relationships & more.

It was the great and leggy Tina Turner who once asked: "What's love got to do/got to do with it?" For this week's annual Love & Sex edition, the answer is: "Everything." This week, SFR tackles romance from all its various angles. For the cyber age, flirtation on sites such as

can take on a strange and obsessive nature , while good-lovin'-gone-existential needs a

for the modern age. Traditional Valentine's fun like

gets a dose of reality, while

are reconfigured for all sorts of scenarios. Candy and wine are fine, but if you're looking for extra-special love gifts, check out our

as well as a selection of

in the coming week. Juices still not flowing? Never fear:

are here. Speaking of rhyming: All

are not created equal. For that matter: Neither are all